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Friday, 20 September 2013

Changing Seasons

First a little about me. I am a mother with 3 children, or should I say 3 teens who are all a little special in their own way. Over the last 18 years my life has been full of Autism, ADHD,  Ceoliac, loads of  food intolerances which have to be worked around every single day and all the things that come with it.

To be honest, I don't think about it much any more, it's something you get used to and work around. Before you know, it all becomes natural and you don't even think about it, it becomes part of the 'norm'. Going out as a family is a bigger problem but that's for another day.

Over the last couple of years, just as I thought everything had settled into a good routine and was working as smooth as it possibly could..... a new challenge has been given to us! Our daughter started to get ill more and more often until it just seemed like she was ill all the time, now on top of her autism, she has CFS/ME. This is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, I can deal with the Autism and everything that came with it but this, this is very different and very hard to deal with and very hard to watch in someone so young.
I am not going to go into it today as I wanted to talk about my escapes.

I believe everyone should have an escape from life or reality for a bit, recharge the batteries as my Mother always used to say. Mine is with my camera, I can honestly say that this is the only time I am thinking about nothing else but the picture right in front of me. When I look through that camera, my mind is clear, no thoughts of  the day to day challenges, shopping lists or anything else. I only see the picture in front of me. I am

an Artist at heart and I think that helps me set the scene and pick out some beautiful places. But to be honest, there is beauty all around us, we just have to open our eyes a little more...

The leaves are just starting to change, soon we will be driving along roads surrounded by beautiful colours of reds, yellows, oranges, copper and many more. It is one of my favourite seasons, so much is going on and it is such a beautiful time of year.

I always feel like Autumn opens your eyes to what's around you, it makes everything look so different, walking under the trees, kicking the crispy dry leaves warmed by the Autumn Sun, such a lovely feeling and if you look around on a sunny Autumn day, people are smiling, enjoying the same thing you are. I always have a camera with me even if it's just my little pocket camera which is what these Autumn photos were taken with.

Winter and the view changes again, the leaves have gone, then the frost, mist and snow comes. Frost is brilliant for photos, oh and the sound under you feet, it is like walking on a field of crisps :)
I am a child at heart but I am sure there must be more like me out there... somewhere? I like to make the 1st footsteps on clean freshly fallen snow and I am smiling all the way on my walk, doesn't take much to make me happy :)

2 Warwick Castle photos; one taken in the Summer and the other at Christmas.
                                                   Changing Seasons.

I have been going over the same bridge in Warwick for years and always loved this view. I think it's the best view of the castle and it's free as you don't need to enter the grounds to see it!

I am lucky to live in Warwickshire, there are so many beautiful places to visit or go walking and to be honest, being in the centre, we are not far from anywhere.
I have decided rather than this blog just being about Autism or anything else, it is going to be about me, my life my walks, the beautiful places I visit and
especially my photography.I hope I won't bore you as I am sure someone will tell me. I do have a habit of going on sometimes, so comments are welcome x

The next 2 photos where taken when a lovely lady who I had got chatting with, let me into her garden to see her view of the Castle. It was a lovely day, fresh snow had fallen and I was a little crazy to be driving, but it was well worth the drive and the view was worth it! The lovely lady told me the history of her house and the street she lived in. History is another of my interests so a perfect day.

Another of my favourite places to escape to, is a National Trust property I have been visiting since I was a child Charlecote Park. My next Blog will be about this place.


  1. nicely written and lovely photographs. i look forward to the next post.

  2. With such a complicated life, no wonder you enjoy getting out and about with your camera and escaping!

    Are the autumnal scenes Jephson Gardens? I think I recognise the little stone building in the distance in the second photo...

  3. Yes Jephson's Gardens and Victoria Park, both in leamington :)

  4. Hello Jana, How lovely it was to meet you this morning, it really made my day. Your photos are beautiful, and I look forward to looking at the others. Thank you for all the tips, I'm going to take a look at how mine came out now. Take care xx

  5. Hi Julia, It was good to meet you today also and it was my pleasure, I really enjoyed your company. Good luck with the photos, let me know how you get on with them. Hopefully we will meet again on our travels, until then take care and good luck with your course.

  6. Julia, just uploaded the photos from the day we met, here is the link x

  7. I totally agree with you that it is so important to have something that is just for yourself. Your photos are absolutely amazing and I am really looking forward to following your blog. Di

  8. Thank you :) sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
    I think everyone needs a little 'ME' time. For years I didn't really get any time to myself but now I make sure I do, even if it's just a couple of hours a week.

  9. Hello Jana. I am a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Lucy the 1st, of Charlecote (& Timothy Lucy, whose son Daniel came to America in circa 1620)... I live across the "big pond" in Calif. I have visited Warwickshire/Charlecote twice--some years ago now. I loved it there! Thank you for your pictures! They're beautiful. Thanks for taking them! Pam :)

  10. Hello Pam, It is good to hear from you and I am so pleased you have enjoyed looking at my photos. Most of my blogs are about Charlecote as I volunteer there now and have been for nearly a year.
    I also love it there. It is a beautiful estate with it has so much history. I am just starting to work on a few blogs to share some of the photos I have taken inside the house. I hope you enjoy them too. Best wishes. Jana

  11. Hi Jana. Do you have a personal contact link? I'd rather not put my personal contact info here. I'd like to keep in touch. :)

  12. Hello Pam, I don't like giving private information on here either but I have decided to use a Facebook Page I started a few months ago but have as yet not used. You should be able to contact me through there. If you can't let me know.

  13. This link is better. just copy and paste.