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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Classic Cars at Charlecote Park

Sunday I walked through the gates of Charlecote Park to be greeted by a row of beautiful classic cars.

This blog won't have much writing in it as there is not much I know about these cars other than I really like them. I had a request for this blog from a car lover so I will do the best I can. I am not going to tell you which car is which as I would probably get it wrong but I will give you a short history. If anyone does know the names? Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page and I will amend my blog at a future date.

Most of the cars at Charlecote Park this Sunday were made by Morris Motors.

Morris Motors began in 1912 when a bicycle manufacturer William Morris, moved on to the next popular type of transport, the car. By 1913 he was opening his first factory in Cowley, Oxford. His first car was to be a two seater called the 'Bullnose' who's engine was built in Coventry at the old White and Poppe factory.

In 1914 William added a Coupe and a van to the collection but White and Poppe of Coventry could not keep up with demands and for this reason, William started to import what he needed from a company called 'Continental' who were based in Detroit, America.

    This one I do know, It is Morris's 'one ton truck' built in 1938

You ask yourselves...How did I know the name of the truck and not all the cars....well, this is why. It was written on the back and I just happen to take a photo of it.

The first World War did not stop production and by 1915 a larger car was made called the 'Morris Cowley',
After the War, the engine once again was to be made in Coventry but this time through the  French Company 'Hotchkiss' who had their factory there. These engines made in Coventry would go into the new basic 'Morris Cowley' and the more up-market range of the 'Morris Oxford'.


Morris Motors reputation grew for building high quality motors but also trying to keep the cost down as much as possible for customers and by 1924 the company became the top selling in Britain, even over taking that of Ford.

                      The view from the top of the Gatehouse at Charlecote Park

The view from the Gatehouse is beautiful and a 'must do' if you visit.
 You won't be disappointed. 

After doing so well, William wanted to buy up all his supplier's businesses and by 1923 the French company  'Hotchkiss' in Coventry became 'Morris Engines'
One of the very popular cars built, was the more sporty 'MG' which was so popular it had a factory of it's own built in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. I can remember my brother's best friend having a small green MG in the 1980's and travelling down to Devon to see me. They had arrived in the middle of the night and not wanting to wake me, slept in the car. Well all I can say is that neither of them are short men and they spent the next day moaning about how much they hurt! Strange the things you remember but the inside of that car is so tiny.


For those who came on Sunday, you will know it was a very wet day and this next picture says it all. I had to add it. So British 'Nothing will stop us'.

Between the showers.

The well known 'Morris Minor' entered the market in 1928. The 847cc engine was built in the newly bought
Wolseley Motors.
Over the years the company name changed as companies do and by 1968 it became 'Leyland Motors' where both my Grandfather and my Uncle worked in Coventry. My Grandfather until his retirement.

The view as you walked through the gates of Charlecote Park. I heard there were supposed to be many more cars but with the rain and many of these old cars having no roofs, not all could attend.

 There was still a glorious display of  vehicle's. Even a couple of VW's were there. Now both of these I do know as they take be back to the 1980's when I lived in Croyde in Devon and the 'VW Campers' would arrive every weekend and during the holiday season full of people wanting to surf the waves. Then of course there was the Beetle which everyone knows. I found it strange but also quite nice that they were in the line up of classic cars. I guess they are classics to the younger generations.

The beautiful VW Beetle. My Aunt and one of my good friends from Croyde had one of these but they were both light blue. I like the bright colours but not the modern beetles so much.

I have to say that I love these old cars. I often wish I could go back in time for one day to different times in History to see how things really were. I can just imagine these driving up and down the roads.

A little check before leaving.

I will leave you with some photos of some of the other cars that were able to attend. It really was lovely to see them all.

All these cars remind me of a few years ago when Chitty chitty bang bang came to Charlecote Park.

I just happen to be going home at the same time as all these beautiful cars started to move so it was nice to get some shots of them driving up the back drive.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It was something very different for me but I know there are many car lovers out there so I had to share. As I said before, feel free to leave comments and names of some of the cars and I will add them to this blog. Thank you again for taking the time to read this.

                                                     Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood