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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Charlecote Park - A crisp Autumn Walk

November has arrived but not as it usually does. The weather has been so mild that you could almost think it was Summer again. That is until you look around and see all the Autumn colours and the leaves on the ground. It has even confused the deer!

The Rut started well but then the warmer weather confused them so some of the bucks have gone back to what they were doing in the build up to the rut and eating all they can! I went on both 'Deer at Dawn' walks and the deer were quieter than usual. You could hear the bellowing noise coming from around the park and we did see a couple of short fights which is unusual. There is normally a lot more action than we saw but this didn't spoil the mornings at all as early walks at Charlecote are always magical. What is needed is a cold start to the day for the rut to really get going again but that is up to Mother Nature.

Have you heard a buck bellowing? You can't miss it if you are near a deer park at this time of year. Here is a video I recorded of the buck in the photo above.

West Park is closed  at the moment due to the Rutting Season but if you  have missed out on the 'Deer at Dawn' or 'Deer at Dusk' walks, there are still the daytime walks which are led by the lovely Volunteer Park Guides who will take you in to this area of the Park under supervision. Ask at reception when you come in and they will be able to tell you what time the walks are on.

 This video which I have shared before is the only rut I have managed to get on video this year so far...I say so far as I am determined to get some better footage!

Do you know it is the does that pick their mating partner? It might be the buck that puts on the big show but it is the females choice in the end!

It is also the time in which this years fawns are weaned of their mothers.

                  Look at the size of these antlers. This is a full grown buck!

This next photo shows a young male deer, I would guess he was around 3-4 years old. Isn't he a beauty?

Next we have a a young male in his second year. A Pricket. 

Autumn really is a lovely time of year at Charlecote Park and my favourite time of year.

There was me thinking I was watching the deer and it was me who was being watched!

And he wasn't the only one!

I can't believe the different a few days makes to the Autumn colours around the park. Here are some of the Autumn photos I took over the weekend.

You just can't beat an Autumn walk  with the sound of crisp leaves beneath your feet. I can't help but kick the leaves as I walk. 

The view from the Gatehouse.

Towards Charlecote Church.

Lime Avenue.

My favourite view of the house.

Charlecote really is a magical place at this time of year, I love my time spent there. I realised this week I have been volunteering at Charlecote Park for two years! Two amazing years!

Autumn colours are everywhere you look!

The River Dene.

Thanks for reading my Autumn blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

                                                Copyright Jana Eastwood

October Gardens at Charlecote Park

With all the lovely Autumn colours around it's so easy to forget the gardens but don't as you will miss out on so much. This time of year, you will see some of the most colorful, brightest and perfect flowers appear.

I have to admit that at this time of year, I do need to remind myself to walk through the gardens at Charlecote as I am normally out and about in the park, either watching the deer during the rutting season or waiting for the sunlight to hit the Autumn colours in the right place! I am so pleased I do remind myself though, as they always look beautiful and so colourful.

The Tea garden always looks very beautiful throughout September and October, as it does the rest of the year but I have to admit my favourite time for this garden has to be early Autumn. There are so many vibrant colours and it is such a beautiful garden to relax in and let time drift away.

I am going to let the photos do the talking for me even though the photos will never show you the true beauty of these flowers. As for the the smell. Oh, if only I could do a scratch and sniff on my blog!

The Croquet Lawn.


There is always so much to find around the Croquet Lawn. Every time I walk around it I spot something new.

The view from the Parterre towards the Gatehouse.

And towards the Orangery. It really does look like Autumn now.

The same tree in early Summer, all pink with blossom (The Judas Tree).

The Parterre has had lots of work done on it over the last couple of weeks. Summer bedding has been removed and the soil has been prepared for the Winter Bedding.

This was a smelly day if you stood down wind as it was fertiliser they were putting down!

Even the Volunteers that have been at Charlecote for many years, still stand back and take in the ever changing views . They truly are beautiful at this time of year with all the Autumn colours coming through. From the Parterre you can see the deer and the cattle quite easily........most of the time.

The plants in the Nursery waiting to be planted in the Parterre.

A few days later. All planted up.

On the lower part of the Parterre closer to the River you will see these beautiful flowers which always look so perfect.

The Long Border.

I see so many gardens almost give up at this time of years but Charlecote still has plenty to see in it.

Look at all the colours so late in the year. Beautiful!

I love the Black-Eyed Susan, It is such a perfect plant for any border and seems to last for a very long time.

The Woodland Garden always looks good and when the flowers start to fade, the leaves start to change and more colour is added to every corner.

What a difference a week makes on the same plant.

 There is so much more that I haven't covered in this blog but you will just have to visit for yourself to see :) Hope you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for reading my blog.

                                                    Copyright Jana Eastwood