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Monday, 14 October 2013

Morning dew, water drops and Diamonds

 This blog's a little different from the others, just photos I took at home. Stuck at home with my poorly daughter and not feeling the brightest myself so I thought I would write a little more. It's that or housework and I know which I prefer!

This first photo was taken from a bunch of flowers that were given to me, someone mentioned it looked like a 'Praying mantis' guess it does a little.

Stood at my kitchen sink washing up after making our son's packed lunch, I noticed the dew in the garden, one of the signs Autumn is truly here. I thought it looked really pretty, I just had to grab my camera . The next few photos are all from that day.

This one reminds me of crystal Christmas tree decoration, I really like this it, wish I could buy a decoration exactly like this!

I thought these next ones looked like strings of pearls, isn't water amazing for taking photos? You can take so many different photos using water but nature often supplies you with opportunities when you are least expect them. This was on a pile of cut down trees branches, waiting to be disposed off.
 No spiders in these photos I promise, my mother would never forgive me :)

Nature can be very beautiful if you just look around, especially in Autumn with it's changing colours and misty mornings. You don't have to look far, I guess as an artist first, I am constantly seeing the beauty in simple things. This next photo is just the flower head of a fennel plant in my garden, I love the way the water forms perfect circles.

The last photo is just my bay leaf bush, I liked the dew drops hanging on the branch.


  1. Morning Jana! Beautiful photos as always and love the way you have captured the morning dew. Fab 'Xmas' decoration there too! I got some nice pics, one in particular I am so proud of - close up of some leaves - again thank you for your help and most of all inspiration. Hope this finds you well. Xx

  2. Morning Julia :) Excellent news, so pleased you had some good results from that day, I really enjoyed it, hopefully see you there or at one of the other places in the near future, take care Jana x

  3. Hi Jana yes I'd love to meet up again! I had a nice walk yesterday down the tow path of Knowle locks, there was some really good material to photograph :). I'm busy working on the pics in Lightroom now xx

  4. Sorry Julia, totally missed this one. Hows the new camera?