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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baddesley Clinton at Christmas Time

This blog started on the day Packwood House had their official opening day for their new 'Garden Kitchen Cafe' That day I made some new friends, one being a lovely lady and photographer Susan Guy from Leicestershire. Susan's website and blog links: If you are into history, check out her blog on 'Steampunk - Claymills Victorian Pumping station'. I love that blog and the photos and am very jealous she got to see all that!

Anyway back to the day of the Packwood opening their new cafe. It was one of those strange days, you meet someone and you just hit it off, feel like you have known each other longer than a few hours. After the opening we popped down the road to Baddesley Clinton. We arrived just as they were dressing the house for the holiday season.

The kitchen was layed out beautifully just as it always is but this time for the Christmas Season.

 Luckily the main room was dressed but partly partitioned off for cleaning but the lady who was working there, let us take a few photos before it was time for me to leave for the school run. I wanted to stay longer but it wasn't possible on this day. Susan decided to stay a little longer and take some more photos as it was her first visit.


I did manage to return with my husband the weekend before Christmas and take a few photos. Hope you like them.

 A little more from the main room...This next photo was taken by my hubbie. He had his new camera with him that day too :)

                                 Some of the beautiful Christmas tree decorations.

I think I got my own reflections in some of these decorations but luckily it's too small for you too see : )

I love the traditional nutcracker, don't know why I have never bought one.

One of the other downstairs rooms had a tree like at a few other National Trust properties for visitors to write something and then hang it on the tree.

                            I liked this one, not one of mine but hubbies pictures :)
                                        Click on it to make it bigger if you can't read it.

The tree on the left when I visited with Susan and on the right when I went back just before Christmas with my husband.

A few photos from the dining room which was very dark and had a constant flow of visitors  so was a little hard to take many photos but I will show you what I have.

I didn't take many photos upstairs but here are a few.

This next one is one of of my hubbies again but I liked it so included it.

The decorated bed , photo taken by my hubbie.

These last few photos are for a lovely lady I met while taking photos of Packwood house in the Autumn.
Julia, if you are reading this, these are for you, thought you might like them :)

Loving the name tags :)

For a little more about Baddesley Clinton, a link to my other blogs.


  1. Jana, absolutely stunning photography. What kind of camera do you use? I keep going over and over and over them. I truly love these photos. Very captivating and they all draw me in to study them even more. The UK has so many beautiful places and the food that was laid out as well, my goodness, that was art in and of itself. Thank you so much for sharing these. I love photography. I'm just really starting myself. So much to learn.

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words. It means so much to me when others enjoy what I do :)
    I have a Canon 60d and love it. I am still learning too. I think you never stop learning when it comes to photography to be honest. There is always something new to learn or experiment with depending what you want to use the camera for. I have learnt so much already but still have so much more to learn x

  3. Hello Jana and Happy New Year! Oh your comments above really made me smile :). Thank you. I have been so unwell :(. I haven't even used my new camera :(. I'm hoping I'm on the mend now. I love your photos! They are so uplifting and so therapeutic. They make me want to go back to Packwood and visit the new cafe! I really hope we can meet up again. Lovely to hear from you. Julia xx

  4. Hello Julia, Happy New Year to you too. So sorry to hear your still not well. Let me know when you are feeling better and we can meet up and you can use that new camera of yours. Take it easy for now and get yourself better first, there is no rush.
    I am so pleased you are still enjoying my photos. I thought you might like the Santa and his reindeer :) Every time I see a scarecrow from now on, it will remind me of the day we first met at Packwood. Hope you feeling better soon, take care . Jana x

  5. Aw thank you Jana :). I must admit when I saw your scarecrow photos I did think back to our lovey meeting :). When we meet up next we must exchange phone numbers! :) look forward to meeting up :D xx