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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Spring is in the air at Charlecote Park

Spring, what a glorious time after a dark depressing wet winter we have had. Beautiful blue skies, flowers popping up everywhere and the start of lambing season in some places. Lambing season starts in April at Charlecote Park and it is something I have been really looking forward too. I often go to Burton Dassett Hills  or Baddesley Clinton to see the new lambs but this time I get to see the little Jacob lambs and I can't wait! I  have been like a child wishing time away. There is nothing to lift you spirits like that of new life and beautiful colourful views. Spring is great for this. Of course once Spring is over I will be waiting for June and the new Fawns arriving. It is never ending at Charlecote Park but I love it as there is always something new to see.

I love how this time of year lifts peoples spirit and how a little bit of colour and a a little sunshine makes people walk around with a smile on their face. I find people become more chatty at this time of year and actually smile and say hello.

A couple of weeks ago, these hyacinths were in every room in the house including the Brewery. You could smell them before you entered the room, a beautiful added touch now there are daffodils everywhere.

Last Sunday, I was out with my eldest son again on another photography session. After only two lessons, I am really surprised and very pleased with what he is doing. I thought today I would share some of both our photographs as I have serious competition and feel his pictures need to be seen. I am a very proud mother.

This picture below is now displayed  proudly on my phone as my new screensaver :)

He spent the afternoon at Charlecote learning about shutter speeds and aperture priorities and picked it up really quickly. With two waterfalls we were spoilt for choice in which one to pick for him to try out different shutter speeds. The sun was in the wrong place at that time of day but it was good practise for him.

                              Fast shutter speed

                                       Slow shutter speed

The Woodland garden looks so colourful at the moment. Lots of pinks, purples, whites and yellows, very colourful and very pretty.

Even in the rain they look lovely.

Daffodils coming up all over the woodland garden. Everyone love daffodils, they are bright like the Sun and so pretty.

These were taken in the little cottage's garden by the side of the Orangery.

I also got to go up the Turret to the holiday flat at Charlecote Park and was very pleasantly surprised. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and stretched from the front of the house all the way to the back. As for the views from up there, they were gorgeous.

The view first thing in the morning must be beautiful as from this window you would see the Sun come up just to the right of the Gatehouse. About where the bird is flying. Click on the picture to make it bigger. It might even be one of the Herons that are at the park nesting at the moment.

View's from the bedroom windows.

 Hampton Lucy Church and Village across the River Avon. If you are looking out of this window on a busy day in the Park, you might see the deer run down to the river and swim across.

Here are the deer just coming out of the River Avon, shaking all the water off themselves.

Another view from a window.

And I must not forget the service bells in the flat. They were a surprise and I really liked them.

I think the bells are lovely. They really take you back in time.

It is so easy to miss the detail on some of the lovely things around the house. 

Some of the Herons nesting in West Park at Charlecote.

The beautiful Swans on the lake who just swam right up to us and got out of the water.

The Swans up out of the water posing for the camera.

A couple of photos my son took from where he was standing.

We had a lovely time and the weather was beautiful too.

In a future blog on Charlecote  Park, I will show you some of the beautiful things inside the house. Here is just one of  my favourite.

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it.

Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood

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