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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New life,new arrivals and beautiful colours at Charlecote Park

Spring is such an amazing time of the year and one of my favourite times. Plants that have looked dead all Winter are starting to come alive again, there is blossom on the fruit trees, beautiful colours of  the Spring flowers and new life being born.

It's like everything is awakening after a deep sleep and it is so beautiful. I guess the Prince found his sleeping beauty  and awoke her :)

You can't miss the spring flowers, they are everywhere and the beautiful weather we are having this week makes everything look so much brighter and much more cheerful. We could not have asked for better weather for the Easter holidays. I hope it lasts.

I love Spring, you really can smell it in the air. Sometimes I will just stand in the middle of the countryside and just breathe...... A deep breath in, clean spring air, you can't beat it. Everything is so fresh from the air to the plants, even the grass growing beneath your feet. Have you ever noticed how Spring's green is a different green to that you see in the Summer? If not, take a photo of somewhere you go regularly now and then again towards the end of Summer and compare the difference yourself.

The lovely tulips in front of the house.

The back of the house near the river looks beautiful with all the different coloured tulips.

Lots of different wildlife around if you look.

The garden near the stables also looks beautiful. I love the red tulips.

The next two photos are of the same tulip a few days apart.

The tulips in front of the little Summer house.

                                        My Mother enjoying the view.

It's not just the plants that are awakening, there is also new animal life and volunteering at Charlecote Park has allowed me to get a little bit closer to these events which I am loving. The little new Jacob lambs are beautiful and I could sit there for ages watching them stumble onto their long legs.

 Watching them yesterday reminded me of a person on stilts in the way they walk. When they are first born, they are all legs. If you have seen a newborn lamb, you will know what I mean. I love watching them try to sit back down again, it is so awkwardly done but so cute at the same time.

                                   How cute are these new born lambs?

                                                          A mothers love.

I think the lamb on the right in the picture below was more interested in what I was doing. This one was a little mischievous. It was playing hide and seek with it's mother too. I caught that on video :)

Look at the little lamb on the right, still learning how to use his legs.

                                                   Nature can be so beautiful.

The next two photos I think are so sweet. I call them 'Lamb hugs'

I know they say support a babies head but support it on you new born sibling :)

They are all just so cute.

Here I have to say how hard the staff at Charlecote are working. There is so much going on at the moment within the park grounds and to be honest I don't think I have seen them stop for more than 5 minutes at a time. Having the access I do and seeing them all working around the Estate, I had to mention this.
With lambing and other events going on, it is often a juggling act but they just get on with it, no complaints nothing and even when they are shattered, they can still manage to smile and keep their great sense of humour.
Here is a photo Lisa took inside the lambing area of Adam the ranger. I love it and think it's so funny. This is life and people should laugh more.

People don't see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. I myself only see a very small amount but I have to say I admire their dedication to their work. They really do an amazing job. Hats off to them as they say.

I spotted the Bees getting checked yesterday. So much going on this week and I have only seen a small amount of it.

                                         Cutting the new growing grass

 This week at Charlecote has been a busy week and it's only Wednesday today. Lambing started at the weekend, then there was The Big Tree Climb on Monday which everyone loved and then yesterday saw the new arrival of these beautiful 2 month old spotted pigs. They are Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs. I was allowed in the pen with them and just sat on the ground watching them explored their new home. It was lovely to watch.


A short video I made of the three little pigs settling into their new home.

My companion this week. One of the Charlecote cats.

There is one last new addition to Charlecote that I have to mention, wondering around the lake I spotted these beautiful Mallard chicks.

This week has been all about cute baby animals and that real  feeling of Spring, new life. All in perfect time for the Easter weekend :)


                                Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood

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