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Sunday, 8 June 2014

A walk through the gardens, the sweet smell of flowers and a chorus of singing birds in the background....Perfect :)

Walking through the gardens all I can hear are the birds singing in the trees and the sweet smell coming from the flowers. If only someone could bottle these lovely smells and sounds and catch that special moment, they would make a fortune. Imagine going somewhere special and being able to take that special moment with you until a time at home when you can relax, close your eyes open the bottle and imagine that you are back there again. Would not that be Wonderful?

Luckily for me, volunteering at Charlecote Park I get many moments like this. When I walk through those gates to the Park, it is like walking into a different World and I leave all the troubles of life outside. This is so easy to do here as there is so much going on and so much to see. It is very easy to forget your troubles and stresses of day to day life there.

 This week, walking through the gardens, I could not capture that feeling for you all but I could capture some of the beauty of the gardens. My photos do not do justice to the gardens or the gardeners and volunteers who have worked so hard to get them looking so pretty, but I will try.
Earlier this year I watched the gardeners and volunteers working very hard on the border which runs along side the Woodland Gardens.

All their efforts and hard work were well worth it and much appreciated as it all looks really beautiful now and so full of colour.

   Doesn't it look lovely and very dreamy. The colours go so beautifully together.

I love it.

Lots of wildlife about too!

These next few photos were taken of the same border a couple of weeks later (this Friday) when I went for an early evening walk and the Sun was starting to come down. I love the way the sun lights up some of the border. There is also more purple in the border now as more flowers have blossomed.

 The low Sun at the beginning of the day and the end can light up a garden of flowers really nicely as it shines through the trees.

I wondered down the border stopping every minute  to admire the gardeners work. Every step of the way was beautiful.

The more you looked the more you could see.

Beautiful flowers everywhere. Such a lovely place to walk.

These I found in front of the little summer house.

I walked on further, along the borders of the crochet lawn which also look very colourful at the moment.

I love these flowers. When they first start to open they look like a miniature bunch of flowers wrapped in pretty paper.

A darker variety of the same plant.

Others also enjoying the borders.

I walked to the back of the house where the Parterre is to see what the gardeners had done there. Within the last couple of weeks, I had seen them working hard here with the volunteers and even Charlecote's lovely assistant ranger. Many hands make light work as they say.

In the back ground of this next photo, under the trees, you can just see the buttercup meadow.

They did have a lot of work to do and a lot of planting. I felt sorry for them that day because it was so hot but they never complain. They must really enjoy their work!
 I had taken a sneak peek inside the potting shed and the area around it. There were so many plants waiting to be planted which they had been busy growing for the last few months. 
This was taken earlier this year. Busy potting plants in the potting shed.

Now look at all the plants.

   So many. This area is off limits to visitors so you are getting a sneak look behind the scenes again :)

On the way out I noticed this sign and it reads very true. I can not believe I have missed it before! Paul who is Head Gardener at Charlecote park works his magic all around the Park with the help of his merry groups of of helping hands, gardeners and volunteers.

Oh I went off track there a little, sorry. Back to the Parterre. It has now been replanted and already starting to flower.

One of my favourite gardens has to be the Woodland Garden. I love the way it twists and turns around the trees and the mystery of what you will see around each bend in the path. Children love this area and they run around it like a maze but it is also lovely for everyone to take a gentle stroll around taking in the beautiful scenery. 

 National Trust Properties rely on volunteers in lots of different roles on their estates. It is the only way they can keep going and do what they do and protect our heritage for future generations. Charlecote Park is no different and has many volunteers helping out but more are always needed. There are so many ways in which people can help and if you have a few spare hours a week and have ever felt like you wanted to do something to help, there is no harm in just asking and going a long for a chat. You can find out what is available and see if you fancy it. You can always say no at the end of the day. I don't regret joining Charlecote as a volunteer at all. Seeing what goes on behind the scenes I find so interesting. It was like discovering the park all over again. I love my time spent there and you really do feel part of  a community. Maybe I feel too at home there but that is not a bad thing. Then of course there is always cake :)

If you are interested in volunteering at Charlecote Park or any other National Trust Property, here are a couple of links you might find interesting. They will give you more information about how to get involved.



New plants in the woodlands.

Busy cutting the lawn in front of the house this week.

Planting in the tubs at the front of the house.

And last but not least the little court yard garden near the stables. I love sitting in here. There are a few tables and chairs here which I often use to just sit relax and take in the beautiful colours around me. This garden is smaller than the others but there is still so much going on in it and some lovely plants. 

 I believe places like Charlecote Park are what you make of them. If you go to relax, you can do that, explore, you can do that too or just for the children to let off steam, that you can do too! With all the space available, there is something to please everyone.

 I am sure I have missed something out but that gives me more to write about in a future blog.
 Along with the changing landscape, the gardens also keep changing as do the seasons. Plenty to keep exploring :)

This blog is dedicated to all staff and volunteers at Charlecote Park who work on the gardens and make my time there as a volunteer and for pleasure, so much more enjoyable. Thank you.

                               Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood

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