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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

September Borders and Homework at Packwood House

Don't you love it when children spring homework on you with very short notice? To be honest he had told me the day he received the work but it was while I was driving and trying to concentrate on a busy road. That is never the best time to tell me anything important. The reminder came a little late but we managed to complete it.

The homework was to take photographs of things that looked like letters. I thought Packwood Kitchen Garden would work well for this so that is where we headed after I had picked him up from college. Luckily Packwood isn't too far from where he is studying and of course I used the opportunity to take a few photos of the flowering borders while I was there. :)

It wasn't long before he spotted his first letter and we had not even gone through reception!

Here are a few more of his letter photos. Can you see what they are?

The kitchen gardens were looking lovely that day. I love September borders with their colourful Dahlias, Asters and Cosmos. They are such perfect flowers and so very pretty in any border and so rich in colours.

                                            The colours are so vibrant.

One of my favourite flowers has to be the Cosmos which looks so delicate and perfect. I have found these in every National Trust property I have visited over the last few weeks and they are always a pleasure to see.

A colourful border in the Kitchen Garden.

The old scarecrows are still standing. I found some lovely scarecrows at Baddesley Clinton last week. I will show you in my next blog.

A couple of things I love about this time of year are the changing colours and all the Autumn vegetables. I liked the way Packwood had some growing over the arched walkway in the Kitchen Garden. 
I must remind my son he can stop growing now! I think he was 6ft 1inc last time I measured him but I think he has been growing again!

The lovely Autumn vegetables.

And of course a Pumpkin!

If you want to see an amazing selection of Autumn vegetables, check out 'Charlecote Plants and Flowers shop' which is right next to Charlecote Park's reception. They always have an amazing display there for you to buy!
Here is the link to them.

I included a few photos of the Autumn vegetables from this shop in one of my Autumn blogs from last year but I believe the collection looks even more amazing this year!

 A quick walk around the main garden which is always very pleasing on the eye. Click on the images to enlarge them as you can not really see the gardens beauty in the small images on this blog.

Isn't it pretty with the yews in the background? It was a shame it was a little hazy that day but you can't have it all.

The long border that runs between the lower garden and the yews was full of flowers, so many. With the haze and light fading it does not show it off to it's true beauty but I took a photo anyway.

The Black-eyed Susan. A lovely daisy like flower.

I remember this next flower from my Grandparent's garden. I can hear my Grandmother telling me about it. It is called the 'Red  Hot Poker' or you might know it as the 'Torch lily'. This plant is native to South Africa and are very popular with the hummingbirds. If only one was here to complete my picture. :)

You can see how it got it's name.

 We just happen to catch Packwood's Head Gardener cutting the Yews while we were there. Not an easy job I am guessing!

                   Freshly cut Yew Trees.

My son managed to get most of the alphabet in photos this day so it was not a bad choice for this project.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. It is a little different from the usual ones but I hope you still enjoyed it.

A link to Packwood House.

                                               Copyright Alex and Jana Eastwood

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