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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Spring Is In The Air At Charlecote Park

It was such a beautiful day. The Sun was shining, there were white fluffy clouds in the sky and a real feeling of Spring in the air. A perfect day for a walk.

I dropped my son off at college but as he was only in for a few hours, it really wasn't worth me going home again so off to Charlecote I went. It is so lovely to have such a beautiful place just a 10 minute drive from his college. It means I can go for a nice walk before going back to pick him up. Perfect!

It really was a lovely afternoon walk. I headed for the gardens as I wanted to see which new flowers had sprung up out of the ground since my last visit. There were many more snowdrops and not just in the Woodland Garden but all along the side of the croquet lawn too. They looked beautiful.

The two photos show the snowdrops a week apart. I can never decide which I like more, the closed snowdrops or the open ones. Both are lovely to see.

The snowdrops and crocuses along the side of the croquet lawn.

The best way to photograph flowers is to get to the same level as them. The same rule applies to animals and children. Photos often look better when you are looking straight on towards your subject rather than looking down to them. Yes, I get a few funny looks but also plenty of smiles as people see me laying on the wet ground but that is nothing new to me. I don't mind getting a little mucky for the photo I want :)

                                         Crocuses springing up everywhere,

  The lovely Hellebore which comes in all shades of  of colours and also as single or double headed. These grow all through the Woodland Garden at this time of year.

The gardens are changing every week now so there is always something new to see. The daffodils will be out soon and change the look of the gardens yet again. More beautiful flowers for me to photograph :)

One of the very friendly Robins in the Woodland Garden.

                                  The Crocuses one week ago.

                     Look at them now. Beautiful and in one of my favourite colours.

 I think someone is following me. This Robin does tend to follow the gardeners around too. Here it is sat on the old mulberry tree.
It was thought that this tree was just over 180 years old but recently we found out that it was purchased in 1717, which makes it nearly 300 years old!! After all this time it still bares beautiful fruit each year.

More snowdrops around the Mulberry tree.

These lovely yellow flowers that come from the same family as the well known buttercups, always add a touch of colour to any garden and sit beautifully amongst the snowdrops. They are called Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) . Also known as Winter Helesbore and Winter Wolf's Bane. These have become more popular in recent years.

The first photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.

This week.


There has also been lots going on behind the scenes which visitors don't normally see. Here is a sneak look.

                                           The Greenhouse in January.

 Painting the green benches blue to match Charlecote's gates. All the metal benches and tables will be blue this year.

The Hyacinth's growing.

This week the Hyacinth's are in full flower and some are being re-potted for the ladies toilets to make them smell beautiful. See, they think of everything :)

Seedlings are starting to grow.

 Outside there is always lots going on. The work is never ending and with each season there is more to do. The Gardeners, passport workers and volunteers do a brilliant job. (More about Passport workers below)

Many people think that the Winter is a quiet time for Gardeners but it isn't. It is a time for tiding, planing and preparing for the coming seasons.

Anyone can volunteer. If you have a few hours to spare each week or even each month, there is always something you can do. Many volunteers stay in one department be it the park, gardens, house, shops or the Victorian kitchen but some like to mix and there are plenty more volunteer roles than I have mentioned. I enjoy volunteering as it feels like a real community. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming which makes any work you do, feel like a pleasure. As you know I volunteer as a photographer but I also help with arty crafty events like the Summer club which I really enjoy. Volunteers are very important to Charlecote Park and all National Trust properties, as are volunteers at other heritage places. They are what allows these places to work as they do and keep going. For more on volunteering, here is the link.

Passport workers are trainees that come to a property for a year and learn on-the-job skills in different departments to help their career in the future. The training is set differently for each individual.
 For more about National Trust Passports to the future, here is a link.

I am looking forward to seeing how the gardens change over the year and of course I will be recording it in photos to share. Hope you have enjoyed this blog. More coming very soon.

                                                  Copyright Jana Eastwood

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