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Friday, 2 May 2014

Losing antlers, growing lambs, a social robin and sleepy pigs.

I can't believe it is May already! How did that happen? Where did that part of the year go? Time rushes by so quickly which is why I believe you should enjoy life as much as life allows. Life throws so many obstacles in your path and sometimes it feels like one long battle after another but at the end of the day. It's what you make of it.
Now with two of my children home full time, life has become a little more fun to juggle things around but I believe everyone needs their 'Me' time. These times have become even more important to me and keep me going for the rest of the week. I wish I could escape more often but I am happy with what I can take.
I also I love the fact that the photos I take get used by Charlecote Park and I love spending time there. Yes I volunteer at the park but you can't really call it work when it is your pleasure also. It is a good combination I can tell you that.

I have to admit that there is nowhere else I would rather be than outdoors with nature. I love it.
This weeks escape/chill out zone was watching the animals at Charlecote Park last weekend. Rain has never bothered me, it just bothers my camera which is why I end up wet but my coat keeps my camera dry.

  I spent ages sat under a tree in Hill Park watching the bucks relaxing by the Lake. If you move slowly, sit down somewhere with no sudden movements, they don't mind you being there and sometimes walk closer to where you are sitting. I find it so relaxing to watch them, too relaxing sometimes that I lose time.

It is the time of year that the Bucks lose their antlers and when they first come off, it looks a little sore but it amazes me how quick the stumps appear and they start to grow again. If you think about it, natures does do some amazing things. This might be strange but I think of the bucks losing their antlers just now as a way of making them more approachable when the new fawns come along next month. I wonder if nature planned it that way or it was just a coincidence.
Here are the bucks coming to have a nose at me and bowing their heads to show me their stumps. The one on the right looked like he had just lost his antlers that day. Click on the picture and you will see. I felt so sorry for him but it is all part of how they are.

They do look strange without their antlers. They look younger, smaller and their heads are not held so high as they are when they stand proud with their crowns.

I know this one very well, I know those ears which were like that after the rutting season last October.

Here he is from from last Autumn. The white buck looks even stranger without his antlers.

I spent so long watching the deer and it seemed to be a bit of a grooming day today.

If you have been to Charlecote Park over the last few weeks, you might have seen some cattle on the other side of the river in Camp Ground. They are from one of the neighbouring farms and are allowed to graze on the land during the Spring and Summer months. This does one of two things. It feeds the cattle but also helps Charlecote keep the grass cut on that side of the river. You can't miss them as they walk along the riverbank in a row like follow the leader. 

Enjoying their new home and the grass.

  From what I have seen, it looks like there is one very big Bull, two calves of different sizes and around five cows. The cattle are 'Red poll cattle' and they are a very British cow which originally came from Norfolk and Suffolk.They are a cross between the 'Norfolk Red' which were known for their excellent beef and the 'Suffolk Dun' which were excellent dairy cows. This makes this cattle a dual purpose breed. Both of the original breeds are now extinct.

How to fold a cow in half!

Enjoying a spot of lunch. I thought this was the deer's trick. Have you ever noticed how all the trees in the  Summer look very evenly trimmed along the bottom branches? It just happens to be the height the deer can reach. Take a look in the summer months down the avenue in West Park or even in the main park. You will see what I mean.

     Here you can see the smallest of the calves licking his lips after a good feed.

And of course I had to check out the other new additions to the park while I was there . The three little pigs which I have to say are rather cute even though they do seems to be asleep most of the time.

One of the lovely Robins that have made the woodland garden behind the Orangery their home.

Even children know what a Robin looks like with their lovely red breast but I have to tell you, Robins are not around only at Christmas like some people seems to think :)

 Last but not least the lambs one week on. All the lambs have been born now and when I last saw them, most of them were already in the field with the others and running around like playful puppies or kittens and quite mischievously.  It was lovely to watch them running around in their little gangs and how they can move. There is no stopping them now.

I think this poor ewe had been nominated as the baby sitter.

These lambs did make me laugh, even being so small and new as they are, they still went around head butting each other.

No stopping them now!

                                       The new born lambs from last Sunday.

The very popular lamb walks which were a guided walk through West Park up to Polo to see the lambing area and a very interesting talk explaining what happens there. You were also able to see some of the new born beautiful Jacob lambs.

These walks were very popular but to be honest who could resist seeing newborn lambs? I followed this walk myself and really enjoyed it. There are a few other organised walks/events around the estate listed on their Facebook page. Here is the link in case you are interested in some of them. There are also other walks and talks around the estate most days. Check the chalk boards in front of the Gatehouse and near the kitchen for anything going on the day you visit.

I can't wait for the does to have their fawns next month. I am really looking forward to it.

                         Thanks for reading my blog, Hope you enjoyed it.

Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood

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