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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Gardens at Charlecote Park

 I had a little time to myself on Sunday, a little calm before the madness of my eldest's 19th birthday the next day. It was not really madness but I knew it would be a busy day so a walk and a little fresh air was 'just the ticket' as they say. The sun was out so of I popped down the Fossway.

It is amazing how in one week so much can change. There are so many beautiful colours everywhere. Lilac along the roadside, rolling yellow fields and all set with a perfect blue sky as a backdrop. I moan a little that some of the best views which would look lovely as a photo, are the ones where you can not stop to take a photo or worse still, you can but you don't have your camera with you.

Sunday was different as I knew where I was going and I had my camera with me. I was intending to go Bluebell hunting but the Sun was too bright so of to Charlecote I went as it is just down the road from my favourite Bluebell wood.

I spend so much time watching the animals at Charlecote Park that I decided it would be a flower day this day. It was the right decision to make. Everything is growing beautifully. It is amazing how a little Sun, warmth and water makes plants grow so quickly. The gardeners have worked so hard on the gardens and everything looks beautiful. I see them every time I go there, always working on something like bizzy bees going from one plant to the other, keeping everything looking so splendid.

Here is the 'Syringa Vulgaris' or as most of us know it, the 'Lilac'. It  is everywhere at the moment and it smells amazing. It fills the air with a sweet perfumed fragrance that you can not miss as you pass by. It comes in white and many shaded of pinks, lilac and purple and grows well throughout central Europe.
We have a white and lilac bush at the front of our house. One of my mother's favourite flowers. You can find it in the garden near the Victorian kitchen at Charlecote Park.

 I loved the colours on these tulips.So unusual.

The beautiful Wisteria and Red lobster claw (Clianthus puniceus). Climbers on the front and back of the house.

Talking about bizzy Bees......

I watched the Bees move from one flower to another collecting their pollen. They were very busy.

Flowers are never the best to photograph on a sunny day as the sun makes them look harsh but as I knew much of my time would be spent in the shaded Woodland Garden, that did not worry me too much.

    This next flower is called Erythronium or more commonly 'dogs tooth violet' It is a lovely plant and looks delicate.

 The Orangery is looking colourful at the moment. The Wisteria is flowering beautifully up the front wall and the pots are full of lovely colourful flowers. I love this pink tree at the moment, so pretty. It is a Cercis Siliquastrum.

The same tree as above but a week later.

It is so nice to see different types of the same flower. I really like tulips and wish they lasted long.

                           The Spring green tulips in the pots outside the Orangery.

Another two toned tulip. I really like this one.

In the woodland Garden I found not just Bluebells but pink and white bells too. Guess my bluebell hunting day didn't end in complete failure.
 I love the woodland garden, there is always so much going on in there from the fluttering Robins and other wildlife to the carpet of beautiful mixed flowers. It is a place you need to take time to walk through or you might miss something. Saying that, the children love to run through it, along the twisting path or over the wooden stepping stones.

The wooden stepping stones.

One of my favourite places for Bluebells has to be Oakley wood, just outside Wellsbourne. If you go at the right time, it really is a pretty sight to see.

Another National Trust property for  you that always has a lovely display of Bluebells is Coughton Court.

After the Winter and all signs of frost has gone, the fountain in the garden is uncovered and working again. I sat on one of the benches around the fountain watching the water drops hit the pebbles below with a splash.

This next plant I used to have a lot of in my old garden. It is called Aqulegia or Granny's bonnet.

Lots more flowers soon to open.

Forget-me-nots, one my grandmother used to like.

Granny's bonnet.

 This pretty plant is called 'Dicentra'  also known as 'Love lies bleeding' and 'The lady in the bath'. This plant is Rabbit and Deer resistant so it won't have any problems in a deer park!

The Camassia quamash 'Blue'

This is just a small sample of the flowers growing at Charlecote and every time I go I find something new to admire. 

 I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did going through the photos. I think the gardeners are doing a brilliant job. Can't wait for the Summer display.

                             Photos Copyright Jana Eastwood

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