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Thursday, 14 November 2013

A photo tour around 'Charlecote in the snow' from earlier this year.

Going through some of my photos from over the last year, I found a couple of albums of Charlecote in the snow from early this year, thought I would share some. You might think it's a little early but the weeks are counting down and the weather people have said snow might be a little earlier this year.

On my first trip to Charlecote in the snow last year, I arrived just as they had decided to close the park for safety but I did manage to take a few photo through the fence and the gate. I will add them at the bottom of this blog for you to see. I must have been totally mad as it was snowing at the time but ..oh well, it was Christmas and seeing the deer in the snow made it all the more special. 

I returned for the next fall of snow in early January this year. Again it started to snow but this time the park stayed open :) It was a lovely day, I felt like I had the park to myself, I probably did to be honest. The only other people I saw were people who worked there or I guess volunteers. There was no one walking around the park, it was pure luxury, well for me anyway.

Apart from the deer tracks in the snow, there were only mine and the odd tyre track from one of Charlecote's vehicles. I was like a child excited to be stepping in so much untouched fresh snow. It doesn't take much to make me happy :) 
I have a few photos for you today and they are of my walk around the estate including West Park. Some of the photos are a little gritty as they were not all taken on my main camera and at times it was snowing quite a lot. I hope you will still enjoy this walk with me. My children and husband were home with a bug of some sort so I photographed my complete walk so that I could show them when I got home. This is one of the reasons I get to share them with you today. There are many photos but it was a long lovely walk in crisp fresh snow :) If you would have seen me there, you would have thought I was a little mad walking around smiling and making footprints in the snow, that or an overgrown child. Maybe I am a little of both :)
Looks like someone had fun building a snowman :)

I started my walk in West Park as I love the view of the house from there, you will need to click on some of these to make them bigger to be able to see them properly.


This was such a lovely walk and to feel like I was the only one there was really nice, it was like the park was open just for me. The first visitors I saw were just as I was leaving back up to the main gate.

A few deer in this distance, so wish I had my big lens back then!

It was a lovely walk up through the avenue of trees towards the back arched gate.

Heading back to the main park
My favourite view of the house, I need a bench just there so I can sit and take in the view, not for you lot, just for me :)

The snow was deeper than it looked, still only deer hoof prints scattered around as I headed back towards the little stone bridge.

I love the reflection in the water in this next picture.

It didn't feel that cold either as it was snowing off and on and has to be that bit warmer to snow. It's the freezing afterwards that I don't like!

It's a shame my photos don't give you a little of what it felt like to be there, it really is something to see Charlecote in the snow, so beautiful.

Heading over the stone bridge back towards the house.

The Gatehouse

And of course the House.

Thought it was time to go to the Orangery for a cuppa but I was distracted on the way by these sculptures.
Charlecote often have new things like this in their garden and around the estate.

I thought these looked really good, very different to anything I had seen before.

The little house, have you looked through the windows of this place? I love it, the detail's are amazing.

Time for a hot coffee and a bowl of thick warm soup in the Orangery,just what was needed on such a day :)

On we go heading towards the lake in the main part of the estate.

 There is something about deer and snow, they just go so well together.

Heading towards the lake

Look at that, just beautiful clean white snow with just the odd deer print here and there, all mine :) I just love it! Can't wait to see it again like this.

I really like this photo

It's not until I put all these photos together like this that you can appreciate how big and lovely this estate is. Maybe now you can realise why I like to escape here. It's just outside town but feels so far away from it. Perfect!

The lake with Charlecote's Church in the background.

Tyre tracks in the snow.

Through the gate and now heading back towards the house, via the river.

A quick look in the formal garden at the back of the house, more sculptures here too :)
snow makes everything look so different.

These next photos were taken through the gate as the park was closed. I didn't have my big lens then but I still like these photos, finished the tour off well I think.

This was funny, I watched a buck reach for a branch of a tree, watch as he does this ..

Of course letting go of anything covered in snow has it's consequences :)

Time to go home.


  1. Really fabulous. I've never been there in snow as our estate is like a skating rink, as soon as it snows my car stays in the garage until it's gone. Fingers crossed next time we have snow it's at a weekend so I can ask my chauffeur nicely if he'll take me!
    I absolutely love your wide angle shots, I looked at wide angle lenses online but they are horrendously expensive,several hundred £s, so sadly I won't be getting one just yet.

  2. Thanks Bobbie,It really is something to see in the snow, I love it!

    I got my sigma 10-20mm lens from ebay. Most of my lenses I have bought from new or borrowed from my husband but not that one. It's a really good lens and it didn't cost me that much.

  3. ps, I saw swimming deer today, so chuffed ;)