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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A very quick walk around Baddesley Clinton


I couldn't help myself, I knew I didn't have much time this day but a quick look around wouldn't hurt. It was on my way home anyway and I really wanted to see the changing Autumn colours.

This is why I love my National trust membership, I can pop in for just 5 minutes if I like. Ok so it was about 20 minutes that day but it was a very quick walk around. Shame I didn't have time for their kitchen garden, saved that for another day.

As it was, I didn't have to go far before seeing a scarecrow, or was it a member of staff? This one was wearing a  Volunteers badge, his name was 'Arthur Larga'  :)

                                         This one's great, I really like it :)


I had a quick walk around the lake while I was there, well one must do these things :) The Sun was just shining through the trees nicely, showing off the lovely warm Autumn colours beautifully.

I just like the reflection on this one, The Autumn light really makes the reflections in water better.

My walk around the lake while enjoying the Sun coming through the trees.

 This is me just mucking around with my camera. I took one photo with a fast shutter speed then the other with a very slow one but turned up the iso.

                            Lots of trees , sorry but I like them all :)

 I have to go back when I have more time but for now, here are a few pictures of Autumn at Baddesley Clinton.

Again reflections

Hope you liked this blog too, shorter than usual but lots of pictures :)


  1. What a great place. Where is it? (Could look it up I suppose) Great photos as usual. I've been playing around with shutter speeds recently so it was good to see yours.

  2. Thanks Sally, it is between Warwick and Solihull past Hatton locks. Packwood is just a mile up the road from it too so if you have a day to spare, you can pop to both or walk from one to the other. The link is on one of my other blogs. It has the link to the National trust site and the correct page for Baddesley Clinton which tells you all about it x Do you have National Trust membership?

    1. Such fantastic pfotos of Baddesley in the Autumn. Love the Autumn colours and reflections. I was there on Wednesday lunchtime in the Barn Restaurant. Thankk you so much for showing them to me. The results from your Cannon 6D with that fantastic lens does bring out the colurs and textures. I still battle on with my Sony Cybershot. You must put some of them on the Facebook page. Hope we meet sometime at Baddesley. Peter.

  3. Thanks Peter, I thought you might like it. If I remember correctly, the top picture is your favourite view of Baddesley?

    I was there the Thursday before you but plan to visit again soon as this was only a quick visit and I would like to see more with the changing season.
    Have you seen the blog from the day we meet ? I think I have added a couple of photos which I took in the kitchen while we were talking.

  4. Your photography makes me cry. It makes me feel so amazing I can't put it into words. I'm so happy to have found you on Twitter and your Blog. So happy.