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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Autumn Colours at Packwood House

Last Thursday the Sun was shining and I found myself with a couple of hours to myself, me being me, I grabbed my camera and out the door I went. I don't waste time as I don't often get much to myself so I use every minute of it.

I wasn't sure where I was going this day, like many other days to be honest. Sometimes I just hop on the Foss Way and see where it takes me. As it was, this day I headed down the A46 towards Warwick and turned off towards Packwood house. I wanted to see the autumn colours there and also the scarecrows. In all the visits I have made there, I have not even once, seen the Victorian kitchen garden.

Walking around Packwood I meet a lovely lady called Julia, we got talking about camera's and photography and ended up walking around together looking for different things to photograph. I really enjoyed it, it was nice to have company and good company it was.

The yew trees were off limit because of the heavy rain the day before I went but the rest of the garden was open. Many of the Summer/Autumn bedding plants have now been removed like at so many other places now, guess the Winter bedding is going in now.

              One of the gardeners hard at work at Packwood


There were some lovely Autumn colours at Packwood, one trailing plant up the side wall was especially colourful. My photos do not do it justice as it looked so beautiful with the early morning Sun shining down on it.

The Sun just came out from behind a cloud here and made the colours all the brighter.

After taking a few photos around the house, we headed for the kitchen garden as neither of us had seen it. The scarecrows were great but I must say, I loved the hanging champagne bottles the best. I have not seen them like that before and thought it was quite effective. Shame they were not full :)

Again a lot of plants had been pulled for Autumn but there was still plenty to see.

Julia and myself both headed off home taking plenty of pictures of scarecrows and all sorts of other things. I had really enjoyed my time there, in this busy World, people don't stop to talk to other people any more, especially strangers but Julia had and I was really pleased she did.

I did really well this week for meeting new people and having interesting chats :)

A few more photos from that day.

 I love the Autumn colours

I got very wet knees taking this one but wet and muddy knees have been a normal thing when out taking photos this month.

I can't remember who said it, Julia or myself but we mentioned the possibility of scarecrows at Baddesley Clinton but then dismissed it. We shouldn't have...I couldn't help myself, I knew I didn't have much time but a quick look around wouldn't hurt. It was on my way home anyway :) check my next blog.

Julia thank you for a lovely day, hope to see you again sometime x



  1. Good morning Jana! How lovely to see your beautiful photos! It was a very special day for me to meet you too, and it's not often that I meet a kindred spirit. You really made my day :). I managed to get a very similar shot and close up of the leaves like you took above, with your wonderful help. It's my most treasured pic! My other ones are nice, but not all have your fabulous depth of field. I love your other scarecrow pics at Baddersley Clinton as well :). The National Trust is such a joy Isint it. We must meet up again. Take care xx

  2. Good Morning Julia, I am so please your photos turned out ok. You never really know what you have until you get them home and on a bigger screen.
    I had to pop to Baddesley quickly, just couldn't resist. I haven't checked their vegetable garden out yet, that's for another visit. There maybe more scarecrows :) I think they are great but I do love the hanging bottles.
    Yes National Trust is a joy and I feel very privlieged to be able to visit these places. It would be lovely to meet up again x